Why Zooteek?

Bringing the finest Basque cousine to the U.K.

ZooteeK's History

In 2015 Imanol Barcenilla decides to launch ZooteeK aiming to achieve his passion; to make the food and drink of the Basque Country as loved and revered in Britain as Italian pastas, Greek olives and French champagne.

Imanol had moved to London in 2012 with the goal of became fluent in English and live a new living experience, after more than 18 years working as a salesman and later on managing director in different companies in the Basque Country.

All this time, ZooteeK has been delivering the finest foods from the Basque Country to high level restaurants and gourmet shops around the Great Britain.

Based in central London, ZooteeK is continuously increasing the range of products they offer, at the moment more than one hundred different foods, maintaining always the highest standards.

What is so special about the Basque Country?

The Basque Country is synonymous with gastronomy, where good food and good wine are an everyday part of this ancient and revered culture. Cooks from around the world become international Masterchefs at the Basque Culinary Centre in San Sebastian – a city that boasts three restaurants with three-Michelin stars. To graduate into this elite world of talent and taste, the produce has to be exceptional.

ZooteeK works with only the finest producers to bring this quality to you. We taste and source the best so that you simply need to select whatever it is you wish to buy.

Rioja and Txakoli wines from our vineyards, cheese from our sheep, sweets from our artisans, honey from our bees, olive oil from our trees and mild peppers from our lands; these are just some of what ZooteeK personally chooses for you. Add to this our fish and meats from sustained sources and produced to the highest of welfare standards, and ZooteeK ensures you a unique and unforgettable eating experience.