Our Producers

Yurrita uses the finest fish whilst respecting marine sanctuaries, sustainable fish management and the traditional art of fishing.

This five-generation family company is committed to quality fish that does not cost the earth, awarded sustainable fishing and ecological agriculture certificates and quality management system certification.

The Artajo family exclusively uses olives harvested from their own estate, using no chemical fertilisers or pesticides on their lands.

This unique environment of 200,000 olive trees features 12 different varieties of olives, and is located in the Ribera del Ebro area of Navarre; a perfect climate for cultivation.

The key to excellent olive oil production is to mill the olives immediately after harvesting. The location of the mill in the heart of the estate ensures minimum transport time and is central to the quality of oil produced.

Rafa Gorrotxategi provides a leap forward in confectionary innovation. The adventurous taste combinations are designed especially to transform five centuries of artisan pastry methods into delicacies that are perfect for modern, discerning 21st century palates.

The Basque people have been making cider – sagardoa – for centuries. It is a dry, non-sparkling cider best enjoyed after being poured from height.

From January to April across the Basque Country, cider is served directly from the barrel at the cider houses – the sagardotegis. Once the optimum drinking moment for consumption is determined by the cider makers, it is bottled on site.

With no added sulphites or yeast, all the apples used are harvested from within a 10 mile radius of the cider house, ensuring the freshest quality and minimal environmental impact.

Brother and sister team Eduardo and Paula Pascual are proudly continuing their family’s wine making tradition from the 17th century.

They maintain the same customs as their father and grandfathers but have introduced 21st century techniques to produce wines of the highest, modern standards.

Their vineyards are located at the heart of the Golden Mile of Rioja Alavesa. To the north you can see the Sierra de Cantabria and to the south the Sierra de Toloño, separated by the banks of the Ebro River.

This dramatic backdrop ensures the grapes are protected from humidity and cold weather, and the river provides the warmth of a Mediterranean climate.

BASA LORE is a family winery founded in the 1930s and has proudly continued to produce txakoli for several generations. Grown in their own vineyards, hondarribi-zuri is the only grape variety used to produce their white txakolis.

The hondarribi-beltza grape is added to create their rosé txakoli. Zuri means white in the Basque language and beltza means black.