About Us

Based in central London, ZooteeK is a vibrant company passionate about providing excellent customer service and delivering only the finest Basque products to the British food and drink market.

Company Director Imanol Barcenilla gained over 18 years’ experience in the commercial and private sectors after graduating from the University of the Basque Country with a degree in Business. As a former Managing Director of a large haulage company operating across Europe, with a turnover in excess of £3 million a year, Imanol knows the hard work, determination and quality customer relationships needed to make a business a success.

Since arriving in London in 2012, he has developed a new passion; to make the food and drink of the Basque Country as loved and revered in Britain as Italian pastas, Greek olives and French champagne.

Whilst living in London and throughout his travels across England, Wales and Scotland, Imanol has been struck by the adventurous palates of the British and how respected the Michelin-starred cuisine of San Sebastian is. Yet the absence of Basque foods on delicatessen and supermarket shelves across Britain is marked. Imanol is combining his good head for business with his refined taste buds to ensure the very best of Basque food and drink are brought to discerning British diners.

Why Choose Zooteek?

ZooteeK offers something truly unique in a market flooded with familiar tastes and textures. ZooteeK delivers food and drink steeped in ancient traditions yet fitting of 21st century style and elegance.

Whether you are looking for an extra special something for a romantic picnic lunch, memorable after-dinner cheeses to leave guests enchanted or wines to make any occasion a celebration, ZooteeK provides unique tastes and textures fitting for every moment.

Guaranteeing excellent customer service and attention to detail, ZooteeK only works with trusted suppliers so that you can be confident all orders will be delivered on time, to the highest of standards and with a pride and passion that will ensure you return time and time again.

ZooteeK's History

Managing Director Imanol Barcenilla moved to London from the Basque Country in 2012, with an original desire to become fluent in English and experience life in a different European city. Within a short time, Imanol developed a new ambition; to make the food and drink of the Basque Country as loved and revered in Britain as Italian pasta, Greek olives and French champagne.

In 2014, Imanol established ZooteeK, delivering the finest foods from the Basque Country to high-end restaurants and delicatessens across London and around Great Britain. ZooteeK is the phonetic spelling of zutik, a Basque word meaning to “rise up”; it is synonymous of Imanol’s desire to raise the profile of his homeland and allow others to celebrate its deep-rooted traditions, cultures and gastronomy.

What is so special about the Basque Country?

The Basque Country is synonymous with gastronomy, where good food and good wine are an everyday part of this ancient and revered culture. Cooks from around the world become international Master chefs at the Basque Culinary Centre in San Sebastián – a small, elegant and cosmopolitan city on the Bay of Biscay that boasts three, three-Michelin starred restaurants. To graduate into this elite world of talent and taste, the produce has to be exceptional.

ZooteeK works with these same producers to bring this exquisite quality to you. We taste and source the best so that you simply need to select whatever it is you wish to buy. Rioja and Txakoli wines from our vineyards, cheeses from our sheep, pastries from our artisans and olive oil from our trees; these are just some of what ZooteeK personally chooses for you. Add to this our sweet peppers and other vegetables, sustainable fish and free-range meats produced to the highest of welfare standards, and ZooteeK ensures you a unique and unforgettable culinary experience.